Executive Team(Members are Paid instructors) 

  1. Executive members are on the SWAT Team.
  2. Executive Team members attend one dinner bi-annually to participate in dojo management. 

SWAT Team(Members assist at least one Tiger Cub, Karate kid or White Belt class/week) 

  1. New SWAT member must be asked by the head instructor to become a member of the SWAT team. 
  2. Members will attend one extra training class every month know as “SWAT Team Training” after each belt promotion. 
  3. Members must buy a black gi top & patch(2) and must wear them when working the floor. 
  4. One team member must be on the floor for the children’s classes each afternoon & evening. SWAT team members are expected to participate in at least one class per week by teaching & leading at least a portion of the class. 
  5. Members must be members of the Black Belt Club.

Black Belt Club (Members are committed to earning their black belt & receive a special training class each week) 

  1. Members must be committed to earning their black best. 
  2. Regular program students who are working on earning their black belt may join the Black Belt Club. 
  3. Members may purchase a blue gi top and patches (2) and wear those to class when working the floor. 
  4. Members must pay and additional $10/month, added to their tuition fees. See Sensei Scott to become a Black Belt Team member. 

Tournament Team(Members may attend outside tournaments) 

  1. Regular program students working on their black belt may join the Tournament Team. 
  2. In order to participate in outside tournaments, students must attend the team class training on Saturdays. 
  3. Members will receive special training and guidance to promote their best competitive performance. 
  4. Members represent Golden Tiger Karate at outside tournaments and therefore must be strong representatives of the integrity and discipline taught at Golden Tiger. 

Charity Team(Members participate in raising funds for special needs) 

  1. Members organize and participate in events to raise funds for special needs. Special needs may include; disadvantaged students, tournament team required items, major school purchases and outside charity organizations and charities. 
  2. Members will schedule and attend meetings as needed. 
  3. There is no cost to become a member.

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